L E I G H   B A R B I E R

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Mushroomville is an all female community existing under open skies dotted with occasional log cabins and brick buildings to provide shelter. Each woman enters Mushroomville through her own personal portal, tailored to meet her psychological needs for escape or transformation. Serving as metaphor for life’s duplicitous nature, the mushroom symbolizes the core of their culture.

As a way of countering their self imposed isolation, the women seek opportunities for trade and exchange of ideas with neighboring all male communities such as “Sugarhill,” whose occupants specialize in woodworking. Simone, Mushroomville's primary protagonist, enters the world by crawling into a cave, chosen for it`s dense darkness, reflecting her own grief at having lost her only daughter to the bite of a poisonous snake.

Personally, over the last several years, my image making has originated in "Mushroomville,” a self invented world, enabling my own escape and reinvention from one stage of life to the next. Digesting nutrients from my own personal history as well as current world events has led to the happy discovery that time and creative energy invested in this imaginary world has ultimately created its own momentum and growth.